Riedel Anlasser RBA/S10

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Junkers Jumo 004-B Turbine

With the development, in the Third Reich, of the turbo jet engines the German RLM War Office opened a competition on designs of gasoline engines for starting these new motors : BMW Hirth and others sent in designs. Norbert Riedel, who had been an engineer for a concern making two stroke cycle motorcycle motors, was among them. None of the designs were accepted but in a second competition, Riedel’s design were accepted and he was given financial support to make experimental motors which proved satisfactory and started his business in Nurnberg.
The engine was needed only for very short time operation : less than one minute for starting the Jet engines but if cooling is not restricted they will operate indefinitely.
Designed by Norbert Riedel and produced by Victoria-Werke, Nuremberg was used as starter for turbojet Engines BMW 003, Heinkel-Hirth HE S 001 and the most famous Junkers Jumo 004 that powered the legendary Luftwaffe fighters Messerschmitt ME-262 and Arado Ar-234
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Messerchmitt ME-262

After World War II established the Riedel Motoren AG in order to build Imme R 100, a revolutionary light motorbike of his design, particularly suited to the period for large simplicity and economy in construction, and with solutions original and very advanced technology, which was presented in1947.
Because of economic problems which occurred in 1950, the "Riedel" went into administration controlled and he was sent home and forced to leave the company, however, declared bankruptcy the following year. In 1954 he returned as a designer at Victoria, where created two light motorcycles, "Swing" and "Peggy", top technology, with engine, swingarm and transmission oscillating. The "Swing" is even equipped with gearboxes Electromagnetic; a solution that will be resumed at the end 90s, for the change of engines in Formula 1 and, subsequently taken on many cars . During a vacation in the mountains, in 1963, Riedel died overwhelmed by an avalanche on the ski slopes.

The gasoline RIEDEL starter RBA / S 10 (RLM-Device Number 9-7034 A) is a starter for the S engines, that means Turbo Jet engine, is a very compact two cylinder two stroke air cooled engine.
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The engine torque is reduced 4.8: 1 by means of planetary gear systems : the spider driving and the engaging dog. The Riedel starter motor was started either electrically from the cockpit, by means of small electric motor (4300 RPM @ 24 VDC) or by manually using a lawn mower type pull cord with a ring that protrudes from the jet engine nose cone. The Riedel starter motor was fueled by A3 80 octane gasoline and 5% two stroke oil in a 3 liters annular tank in the nose of the engine nacelle.
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Once the Riedel RBA / S 10 starter motor has started the Junker Jumo 004 turbine is allowed to spin up to 800rpm. At this point the pilot presses 2 buttons, one to inject B4 (smelly synthetic brown coal fuel oil) and 3% oil into the combustion chambers and another to light up the spark plugs to ignite the fuel oil mixture.
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Riedel Anlasser Switch in Messerchmitt ME-262 Cockpit

At 1,800rpm the starter button could be released shutting off the starter motor allowing the turbine to spool up on its own. At 3,000rpm the ignition button for the glow plugs could be released and fuel flow would be switched to straight B4 from the main fuel tanks. After this the throttles could be advanced gradually to full power.
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The most Advanced Jet Engine in WWII Heinkel-Hirth HE S 001

U- signet engine was a development without mister Riedel in the last month of WW2.Because the RBA/S10 make a lot trouble with power less (just 6 > 8 HP).A German group of manufacturers develop a engine names Riedel RBA-U. The –U- was the sign for “Umkehrspühlung” it means the air-fuel gas flow goes crosswise.So the cylinder heads exhausts are mounted opposite to the front, and the heads made in steel.At end of the war the engine was not finish, but was performed some test. Two years after war the Russian give to the MZ company the order to develop a motorcycle engine based to U motor drawings.
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Riedel RBA U drawings (1945)

Detail Pictures
all pictures by Bernd Sobeck. With his kind permission
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My Riedel Anlasser RBA/S10

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Bernd Sobek’s Riedel Anlasser
Bernd has completely restored to running condition his RBA/S10.

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Test Bench

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Travel Packing Set

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